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We take our responsibility to do what’s right for Customers and Colleagues very seriously. Procurement: We ensure that best value is derived from all purchases whilst minimising risk and ensuring the highest safety from all selected suppliers. Written policies and procedures are consistently in place..

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We are more than logistics. We can also optimize your packaging,
manage your materials sourcing, and so much more because
we take pride in delivering the best of warehousing
services, at the most reasonable prices..


I rely only on First Trust LOGISTICS Company for all my import related needs in UK. Working with A.L. is always a pleasure.
Having interacted with the company for several years I have noticed that they work with clockwork precession.
Everything in the company is streamlined to perfection.

Bushra Ahsani


I find First Trust LOGISTICS highly dependable. There were times when my consignments had to be collected from different locations within the country.
WFS organized for the goods to be collected and packed; saving me a lot of trouble.
They also arranged for consolidated shipment for these consignments which greatly brought down the shipping cost..

Anna Hoffmann,


Our experience with First Trust LOGISTICS has been one of complete satisfaction.
The company comprises of highly dedicated and skilled professionals that make a sincere effort to cater to our requests. .

Robert Wells


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